Custom Mini Choppers

Why Custom Mini Choppers Are Perfect for Begginers...

We think that custom mini choppers are a great starting point when learning to build custom chopper motorcycles. It doesn't matter if chopper motorcycles or sport bikes are your ultimate goal, custom mini choppers are the perfect beginning, as it is a less expensive form of entertainment for those of you who are motorcycle enthusiasts, but can’t afford the price for the full custom choppers.

Building Custom Mini Choppers

By the way, designing and building custom mini choppers can build skills and self confidence to try to customize a full size custom chopper motorcycle in future stages. Everybody interested in custom choppers should think of custom minichoppers as a first project, the first step to get their feet wet and find out if their skills and interests really go in this direction. The risk is low, but the potential payoff is high.

A custom mini chopper bike is unique, as motorcycle owners usually love to customize their mini choppers to suit their own individual attitude, style and taste. Everyone has different tastes in choosing ways to customize their mini chopper, and there’s no right or wrong about customizing, you just customize your mini chopper as you prefer. After all it is your custom mini chopper and it should represent your own personality.

The only way to really learn how to customize your mini chopper bike is by working on it. If you are interested in custom mini chopper building, you should do a research, find out what you need, put your tools together, buy some mini chopper parts and start building it.

You will make some mistakes at the beginning, but try to learn from them and keep moving, that’s the only way.


There Are Two Ways To Learn How to Build Custom Mini Chopper Bikes:

1.- Some motorcycle enthusiasts think that a true custom mini chopper is one that is built from scratch in your garage or motorcycle shop.

2.- Our opinion is that the best option to begin with mini choppers is with mini chopper kits. They are easy to build compared to a "start from scratch" mini choppers and at least you start with a rolling chassis and go from there. They are the best way to start if you have never built a mini chopper before, and once you have some experience with custom mini choppers you can build a scratch mini chopper.


Custom Mini Chopper Parts

Almost every mini chopper parts can be customized, but the basic element of any mini chopper is the body mini chopper frame. They are available in several varieties, with various materials and different shapes. From low lying to the extra sleek extended frames, bikers have a wide range of varieties to select from.

There are many accessories and mini chopper parts that you can get to customize your motorcycle and make it more unique and original, but cosmetic accessories are by far the most common type and can be a great way to keep your bike looking fresh. For example if you like a real drag-racer look, you can add authentic chopper drag bars to your mini chopper. On the other hand, if you prefer the outlandish raised handlebars that you see on many regular size chopper motorcycles, you can always add risers or replace your handlebars with an extra-long set.

You can also configure the wheels and tires for your mini chopper bike. In most cases, the front tire narrow while the rear wheel is much broader, up to 10 inches or more. This gives the little bike great stability while driving.

If you're tired of the paint job on your custom mini chopper bike, it's very easy to change it as well. From “flame paintings” to psychedelic themes, many mini chopper shops sell pre-painted replacement tanks. All you need to do is pull it out of the box and install it in your mini chopper, and you have got a totally different look for your custom mini chopper. You can try to paint it yourself, but it would be harder and you will need a tutorial video or book to learn how to do it.


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Custom Mini Chopper Kits

Buying a complete custom mini chopper can be an easy way to get your wheels fast but a lot of us like building things and mini chopper kits are just what we need. Kits are just that, they have most everything necessary to build a complete custom mini chopper, minus the mini choppers engine, though sometimes that is included, too.

If you want a really unique designed custom mini chopper, then kits are probably the best choice for you. With custom mini chopper kits, you can choose your mini chopper frame and get all of the necessary chopper parts in one package while still having full reign on every ounce of the customization.

For more information on Custom Mini Chopper Kits follow this link.


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